GOAZ is a free navigation app that makes possible to find and share your location, routes and points of interest so you can share them in real time with fewer clicks.


As easy as clicking on the symbol to locate your exact point. Once you have it, you can edit, award a photo, post a comment, include it in one of your GOAZ folders, see the latitude and longitude or add it to favorites… In addition, you can share it with whoever you want. How many points do you want to save?


With GOAZ you can not only store all your points of interst or routes, but also share them with all your contacts. Just select what you want to send; a point, route or GOAZ folder… and click on send icon. GOAZ supports a multitude of environments; SMS, social networks, mail, Hagouts… Where do you want to find yourself today? Both -your points and your routes- will be saved with your session, and so do locations that your contacts have shared with you.


All of us have a favorite navigator. The one that is more intuitive, the best designed, the most complete, most functional… GOAZ offers you the option to open your point of destination, your location or any point of interest with any navigator that you want; TomTom, Waze, Google Maps, Navigon… With just one click you have your route optimized from your position to a selected point… All in one!


Do you have the perfect Californian beaches route? Need to coordinate visits routes for your commercial people? Do you want to organize a roadtrip through Europe with your friends? GOAZ gives you that and much more thanks to GOAZ Routes feature.

You can design, share and track your routes just choosing your starting point, the points where you want to stop and a final destination. You can also add comments and photos of each route. And if after creating your route you want to save it for future use, you can include it in a specific folder or simply save it to your profile.


With GOAZ you can assign a location to each of your contacts. In the same way you have a profile of Facebook, an email or a pone number, with GOAZ you can have a GOAZ Point that identifies and places you on the map. Just mark the location and assign it to you or to one of your contacts. We all have a point on the map, a point that is only ours. Create yours and let them find you!


Keep close the points that interest you; restaurants, beaches, shopping, museums, business addresses… any location that is important to you could become a bookmark and you can save it in a folder. Then, you can share your bookmarks with whoever you want to, anytime, anywhere you are… Share thousands of experiences!


In the help tab you can see all the info to answer your doubts. If you need to ask us any question or add any comment, you can write us to hello@goaz.eus
GOAZ, The Place to be


GOAZ is a free app that lets you find and save your location, your routes and waypoints so you can share your experiences in real time, with fewer clicks.