GOAZ was born at a particular place, San Sebastian (Spain), at a particular moment. The value of location is what we want to convey, the importance of being in that place at that concret moment.

Could you imagine being able to share your favorite places with everyone in the world?

From GOAZ we want help citizens optimize their transportation offering an easy, intuitive tool, which offers necessary features to improve the user experience when planning trips, either short or long distances; send your location, create routes, share routes, send points and sharing places… all in one!

The place is the main axis

At GOAZ we believe that the place where you come from is important, as the place where you are going to and the place at where you are… our life is a path. Thats why creating routes and sharing routes are two of the main features that we offer with GOAZ.

Also the places where you go or you discover are important, and being able to share your location and send your places are necessary features for us. The place is our central axis.
From this point, we have developed a tool to define companies and people by location. Beyond a telephone number, a mail address, a photo… we belong to a place.

... designed to faciltate your trip

That’s why we have developed an app so you can send your location in real time everywhere you are; so you can design and create your routes, save your favorite places by folders and share your routes and all the info whoever you want.

Disfrutamos de nuestro tiempo viajando, descubriendo lugares y rincones escondidos. GOAZ es una app móvil diseñada para facilitar la gestión de viajes y rutas a lo largo de todo el mundo.

By offering the ability to send points, create routes, edit them, add comments, create folders and sharing places, we help society to better manage the places that are important for them and to improve the quality of their transfers, in short distances and long trips.

Thanks to the web management panel, GOAZ goes one step further in the professional environment offering users a platform to manage routes to share and track real time from anywhere in the world.
Search, find and share your experiences, with fewer clicks!